Chin Yen birthday

We had about 8 person celebrating Chin Yen birthday. It was a last minute decision but still good. The worst thing is 8 person going with 5 cars. No wonder traffic jam as society nowadays didn’t know what is car pool.

This cake bought by YKK. Non of us understand what he wrote on top of the cake. Seems like a encryption code. Up 156 OCY. We only understand OCY stands for initial name of the birthday boy. The Up156 means Sang Yat Fai Lok means Happy Birthday in Cantonese. Up in mandarin is Sang, 1 in Cantonese is Yat, 5 in English is Five, 6 in Cantonese is Lok.

We went to eat seafood at Batu Maung. Below is the face of the birthday boy. Blur face.



Eh, where is the camera man?


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