10 symptoms of scam victim zombies

About the 10 steps of spotting an investment scam, this is another spotting tips for the victims. It is sad if you have friends and families become a victim of scam. Even if it happens to yourself. Scam victims usually had been brain wash. Keep alert all time if any of this symptoms hit you or your nearby related. 

  1. They will ignore your advise and telling you that you do not understand their business nature, investment techniques and etc.
  2. They will start hunting for money like zombies. Borrow here, loan there.
  3. Scam victim zombies will look for money starting from closest one, families, relatives, friends, colleagues. If you receive calls from a friends or relatives that you haven't been keep in touch for years and suddenly ask you out for a drink, and when you arrive, they start talking about business with you, then good luck.
  4. They will ask you to keep this secret from others until you invest or join them. After the new victims join, step 3 above repeated.
  5. They will mention they had done lots of survey and research. Let it be Mr. Google or friends, they never engage with license financial firm or national bank. If they do, they won't become victims as for today.
  6. They will bring you to some free seminar that talk nothing about investment strategy but talk about how much you can earn. And how to find people to invest or how much you should invest.
  7. If you refuse to join or request to consider, they will follow up with you very closely. Some will tell you to make it fast. If you delay, you might lost this chance or delay the profit income. You won't see them follow up so closely on their job or personal planning but when come to this scam, they checking with you on status just like you owe them money.
  8. They will show off or mentioned how much they earn so far, buy new phones, driving big car or buy big house. Some even shows you their bank statement with bunch of money. I had a friend do that previously. When the scam company been busted, you can check with them again on those material status. Some might be honest to tell you the car actually on loan (9 years) or second hand car, the big lump sum money in the bank actually their come from their refinance/mortgage of their house and etc.
  9. What ever scam they in "investment or network marketing", when someone they want to kept this secret from asked them, they will always say, "I'm doing business". "business" and "business". Or new term "forex" and "investment". But they never don't even know that their "term" are different from what we know about business, forex or investment.
  10. They talk of their "business" are so good and so good. It just like the ultimate business that always give you good return or guaranteed return, how much you can earn, how you can be millionaire in short term, and mention this will make lots of profit. Therefore they want to share this opportunity with you. Want to get rich, let rich together. Well, just thanks but no thanks.

It is often hard to have the victims to awake and stop falling deeper. Just imagine that a big amount of money was dump into scam scheme and unable to fully recover. The desperation to get back those money are so deep that they willing to do anything. Some are so wanted to get fast money and get rich fast, they will also have the same desperation. Their greed nature had basically eaten their brain. Regardless of what so ever method, as long as money comes to them for their business, they will go all the way to hunt you like zombies. If you can do something, you might need to try awake them and stop them becoming worst.




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