What can a degree do?

Jobless degree were something very common nowadays in our country. Who can guarantee that a fresh graduate are able to find a good job? Define good job. Is it the job with RM2.5k and additional allowance? Well RM2.5k per month is enough for a person who is single and no commitment. However, how about car, house, handphone, food, bills, PTPTN, family, entertaiment, life partner and etc.

Below is the statistic of unemployed degree graduated on 2006.

Can you really imagine as year 2006, our economy is still consider good enough. Yet this year 2008, inflation had increase and economy started to drop. More, conjunction to petrol price increase, a lot of items price are start increasing as well especially food yet the salary is not increase. What will really happens to those just graduate with a degree.

What really cause this to happen? Perhaps we can take a look at some contributing factors:
1. Economy
The changing of the economic structure and landscape is a probable cause for the rise in the unemployment.
2. Quality of education
It seems that every year the country produces more and more brilliant students. This is evident with the increasing number of straight A students in SPM. It is also easier to find degree holders with first class honors.
3. Choosy job seekers
Nowadays, candidates are expecting job offer to come with a package – a good pay, convenient working location, no shift, no work beyond 6pm and so on, with everything handed in a silver platter.
4. Lack of guidance
Blaming the graduates themselves for the whole predicament is not entirely right either. There are products of a flawed system. Majority of them are oblivious to the expectation from them in the employment market. Upon graduation, they become babies again, not ready to face the real world.
5. Choosy employers
There is no need for long explanation here.

Nowadays, degree holder is just a basic line. A basic level that most young generation obtain. Instead of looking straight, think in the box and see one side. Why not we start to look wide, think out of box and see the other side.

Anything that you face, bravely and face it with different method. There are degree holder who work as insurance agent, sales man, doing own business and etc. Some even sell noodles at hawker stall but who knows, they might earn more than a degree holder that work in an office. Jobless is not an dead end.

Reference: http://skorcareer.com.my , http://sun2surf.com


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