Working men

Work work work. All is about work. No matter how hard you work, it will never end and will never enough. Every morning, the alarm ring and we have to push our self out from bed. Try to motivate our self by telling today will be a great day. In the moment leaving the house, we have to face a distance to work. Some might stuck in heavy traffic jam. Telling our self, after this jam, we will reach office.

The moment we step in the office, all we see is our small cubicle. God bless we had a cubicle because some might don't have one or need to share cubicle. With a smiling face, we will start our work. Turning on the computer, check some emails and start to read some complain from superior. New rules had been set, new policies had implement, new projects had come yet no new benefits arrived.

Emails come from superior, escalating this and that. During meeting, escalating this and that. Yelling if don't like, get out from this company. Well, telling our self again, maybe the superior had a bad night yesterday. If the superior is a lady, she might having period but if the superior is a guy, his wife might having period.

Back to cubicle, work non stop plus OT, OT, OT. If don't work, there is others willing to take up your job. More, receive complain from client. Well, might be the same reason as superior facing.... period case. It's end of the month, salary still not yet in. Telling our self maybe the financial department facing some document issue. After few days, notice the OT was not calculate. Proceed to claim, have to fill in forms again, then email this, CC that, BCC that. Then wait for few working days and bla bla bla.

Finish work and heading back to home. Take a bath and ready to sleep. There we call it a day. Thinking this had end but actually the same things will happen again next day. Life is just as simple as that because we were working men.

The song by Sam Hui will just exactly suite our current working life.


Unknown said…
the superior is married already?
no way...i dun think so..
with policies and escalations like that coming from him..dun think any woman would wanna marry him..
what a sh*thead!
Aaron Foo said…
Lol, I could guess maybe he had a bad night with his gf kua.

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