Top 10 applications to install on my or maybe your Android

1. Angry birds

This is a must application to be installed in my Android. Listen to the music and the laughing sound from the birds. It just keep my day entertaining. Well, the Angry bird I downloaded for my Android is a full version. It does show as HTC features apps in the HTC Hub. Not sure about others brand.

2. Papago! X5

I got this apps from my colleague. It is a crack version with latest full MalFreeMaps. It will be pointless for an Android that comes with GPS but unable to use GPS.

3.Facebook for Android

I believe everyone own an Android may have a Facebook account. At least this is the apps that can keep you posted.

4. Youtube for Android

This will make viewing youtube video better. It can let you watch facebook youtube post or any link into native view.

5. Teamviewer

Teamviewer is one of my most favorite application. It is a cross platform desktop sharing. I can remote or share my desktop from Windows, Linux, iPhone and Android. I can even have a portable version in my pendrive. It works on almost any kind of network and most important is free.

Download link.

6. ASTRO File Manager

How can you browse into your SD card to view the files, edit, delete, install apk and etc? ASTRO file manager did all that for me.

7. Advanced Task Killer

Instead of installing Task Killer, advanced task killer is better in the sense of selecting the task to be killed in one shot.

8. Dropbox

I have dropbox in my Windows PC, I have it in my Linux laptop, must not miss that in my Android. I can get all my files sync across all platform. Nice to play cloud.

9. VLC remote / MPC remote / Gmote

Either one, but I have 3 of them in. Remotely control over my laptop or desktop when I'm watching movie. I can browse my drive from my phone, play it, pause, forward, backward, skip next, fullscreen, take snapshot, mouse control, keyboard and all just on the phone.

10. Flip - Silent

How easy if you are in the meeting that you don't have to remember to turn your phone to silent. Just flip your phone screen facing down and that's it, your phone is silent.

There are still bunch of nice application out there such as compass, leveler, meebo, barcode scanner, and etc. I will be very tired downloading and playing with the apps.


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