Deep Rooted Tree / Tree with Deep Roots

Deep Rooted Tree / Tree with Deep Roots; Based on Lee Jeong-myeong's novel “Deep-rooted Tree”. Work that highlights the serial killings during the 7 days before the announcement of the Korean script.

A series of murder occurred during the reign of King Sejong. As Kang Chae Yoon who is investigating these cases gets closer to the root of the truth, he finds himself embroiled in a massive conspiracy behind the serial killings which involves a group of genius who are willing to risked their lives towards their cause/goals and secret powers who will interfere with the course of his investigations. ---


This story starts with Kang Chae Yoon (Jang Hyuk) attempts to assassinate the King Sejong. The reason behinds was thinking the King Sejong had cause the death of his father during his child hood, Kang Chae Yoon decided to revenge when he had grown up. Living in terrible life just to train for the revenge, finally he had the chance for the revenge. In order to get closer to the King Sejong as he is taking more precaution for a 100% success of assassination, he faking to become a person helping the King Sejong in an investigation of a serial killing case. During this process, he met a lady which was his beloved child hood friend which lost during the chaos era of the young King Sejong. Everything happens eventually was related to the King Sejong when he was young. King Sejong is person who wanted to recreate the new Joseon (previous Korea). A new country where every single citizen had the rights to voice up. He is inventing a new writing system, a very simple and easy to learn writing system to the country so everyone able to read and write. The writing system is the writing system that currently Korean is using.

This drama is a very nice drama where the story plotted with suspense and lots of climax. As usual, most of the drama climax always happens at the last 10 minutes of the episode which also cause you wanted to watch the next episode. The acting is excellent where the feeling and expression of the actor/actress is full of emotion and true feel. As everyone of us wanted the end of the king system and move to the parliament system. In this drama, a group of politician and scholar in the country are trying to end the King Sejong era where a new ruling system which is parliament system should take place. The story at first did talks about the good parliament system but it also explain the dirty play of the politician when they once become the ruler of the parliament. Instead of let the public voice, they eventually just divide the authority to more people instead of single King. However, there are no different as the public voice will also be blocked and ignore. Those nobles and politician just wanted to control over citizen. Where else the King is trying very hard to introduce an easy learning writing system so that everyone in the country able to write/read and create their own country.

Due to the confusing thinking of us when watching this drama, our heart eventually will follow the story flows. This drama had a very good story and also good OST. The main sound track which sing by Im Jae Bum, definitely sounds a lot like Jang Hyuk and it does match the whole drama. I guess you really need to watch this drama to understand what I’m talking about.

The drama cast details:


Sound Track OST: Available in Or click youtube below to listen to the main OST.

Drama Download: Of course I kept the whole drame in 1080p in my hard drive.


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