Top 5 FREE Disk Defragment Tools

Disk performance may turn slow when file system fragmentation. It sometimes called file system aging. We often heard disk fragmentation happens mostly on Windows only due to the NTFS. There are bunch of information about disk fragmentation which you can get online. About File System Fragmentation and Defragmentation. For some layman term explanation I use to heard, is that disk defragmentation is require to keep the system speed up to performance. It is just like keeping your home wardrobe tidy and clean; by utilizing and rearrange all the space in neat form. Which we usually fold and stack the clothes in proper alignment or hang the clothes with hanger. In this case, searching for your clothes is easier than you throw bunch of clothes unfold into the wardrobe.

There are several free defragment tools you can find online which I have tried before and found some are pretty good which I even implement to all the PC in the office replacing the default Windows defragment tools.

1. Defraggler

If you use Windows 7, you should notice the Windows defragment tools do not have the animated box for the defragmentation progress. Defraggler brings the feels of Windows XP defragmentation tools back. You can also run a quick defrag if you need to instant defragment (during bath, lunch, etc) to improve the performance but doesn’t have much time to wait. You can also defrag entire drive or specify one or more files/folders. It is also a lightweight defragment tools and portable. Of course you can also schedule for defragmentation. Download link.



2. UltraDefrag

This is one of my favorite defrag tools, UltraDefrag. The reason I like because it is an open source tool. This tool have the ability to process drives, selected file/folder and able to filter files to process by name, size and numbers of fragment. You can run defragment using GUI or command base from command prompt. You can easily generate report for the defrag process. Since you can use command to execute the defragment, it can easily run remotely or under low bandwidth connection when remote desktop may not an ideal way. It is also quite good for administrator to use for the company PC. This tools available in development release and portable release. Since it is an open source tools, too much versioning and too much release in every few months. Download link.

ultradefrag ultradefrag1 ultradefrag2


3. MyDefrag

A freeware which formerly known as JKDefrag. A very simple and lightweight tools. It contain customize schedule task which executable immediately when you launch the files. There are also command-line and screensaver version of defragment. As an administrator, if you do not want to waste too much time figuring the scripts or scheduling, MyDefrag is just meet the requirement. You can just set it as screensaver or using Windows task scheduler to execute just a prescript file. It will then do it’s own job. It also comes with bunch of keyboard and mouse hotkey. it doesn’t contain advertisement or prompt for upgrade and etc. However, it had been stop releasing newer version since 2010. Download link.



4. Auslogics

As usual, another compact and fast defragment tools. This tools contain a good file system optimization and free space consolidation. Nevertheless single file defragmentation as the previous 3 have. This is something a must which default Windows defragment tools doesn’t have. This is a very popular defragment tools and receive bunch of recognition / review from various sites/magazine. This is something commercial but a very good tools for home users. It also comes with portable version. Download link.



5. Smart Defrag 2

It have been told as one of the fastest defragment tools available. It have this features "Boot Time Disk Defrag" technology which helps to improve your system the moment it is power on. It also helps to defrag your system when it is idle. It is also another award winning product with bunch of reviews too. Well it is also another commercial products. It is extremely powerful and very much suitable for newbie or non-pro computer users. Easy to install and it does it own job. Download link.


Lastly if you just feel all this defragment tools just a waste of time or unnecessary, you may just stick back to the default Windows defragmentation tools. By default all Windows come with built-in defragment tools. In Windows 7, it had been auto schedule for disk defragment. Therefore, if the disk usage was just fair enough, Windows built-in disk defragment is enough to do it’s job.

So which one is the best and suite us? Well it pretty much depends. I like the first top 3. The 2nd and 3rd is very much suitable for administrator in managing disk defragment for bunch of systems. For home user, I often recommend 4th and 5th. Even so, few consideration we might need to takes. Is it portable? Is it fastest? Is it user-friendly? Is it manageable? Is it ads free? Is the free version contain most of the stuff I needs? and etc. Take all the necessary requirement and choose the best suites you.


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