Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei

Why does someone think that he not gave his best:
1.Bcoz he want the silver medal, FengShui sifu tell him silver medal can give him better luck on the future.
2.Bcoz he scare after he win the game, LD will throw the racquet or shoe to him.
3.Bcoz he think 1Million is not enough for him.
4.Bcoz he follow the "Two Face" deciding his fates with the flip of a coin, he got the lose side, O yeah, after he watching The Dark Knight with his gf at cinema.
5.Bcoz someone want he lose by threaten him.
6.Bcoz LCW and LD have a deal, at China, LD win, at Malaysia, LCW win.
7.Bcoz LCW want China win the olympic, so let LD win the gold to confirm China have a safe place on top.
8.Bcoz LCW thought he still playing on group game.
9.Bcoz LD promise him, if let he win, LD will borrow some nice "limited collection movie" to him.sweat.gif
10. Ok...all of this cowshit. If u think he is not gave his best, then please give me a real reason why he do that.


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