Google internet domination

I still remember the day when I started to use Mozilla browser. It was great as it's contain tabbed function. Sooner, Mozilla Firefox were launch. More important, it is free and user friendly. No such things as windows genuine validation and bla bla bla. As for Google, we know that they has the best search engine ever exist and their all others products had the most user friendly. Most important it is free.

Now, Google launch it new internet browser call Google Chrome. As it was still in beta, nothing much we can demand for. The 1st thing after downloading the installer wasn't actually download the installer. It was only a download client. Something similiar to yahoo messenger and live messenger. Not the usual way it happens with firefox installer.

After the installation completed, I launch the browser and suprisingly it doesn't had any toolbar. The tabbed is on top of the toolbar. The address bar perform more than just an ordinary address bar. It had embed the real time Google search. What can we expect from a Google product.

The interface is simple and nice. It blocked almost all the pops-ups. Even the pops-ups that I need, it does block it as well. OMG!! The thing that I like about Google Chrome is that the tabs simply can rearrange by dragging it to any desired location and the best is I can actually drag the tabs out and turn them into separate windows. I can even drag any separate windows back to the desired tab. Another interesting stuff is that each tab operates in separate process. It was not error but were program by Google this way. In this way, it will eliminates the entire browser from crashing when one of the individual tab face error.

Beside this, it can actually import all data include bookmarks, saved forms & password, history from Internet Explorer or Firefox. Another best thing that my girl friend like about is the Incognito mode. It allows a person to browse in stealth mode which means webpages that being open and files downloaded won't be logged in the browsing and download histories; all new cookies are deleted after the browser is closed.

There are still problem accessing certain web pages such as Hotmail. It will not able to had the auto reading pane enabled which required me to view my Hotmail using classic view. Some javascript doesn't work pretty well.

You may read the comic about Chrome by Google here. It contain more information about Google Chrome. There are videos about the features here.



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