My best friend's wedding - invitation

Two months ago, I'd received the invitation from Wah Keong to his wedding dinner at Teluk Intan on 28th September 2008. So close to Hari Raya. At first, I taught it was a joke but it was for real. Feeling so happy for him. Couple of weeks later, I'd received an official wedding invitation card. The invitation card was stunning, it was so nice. Simple and nice. I like the design a lot. On the front cover, there is a dragon and phoenix logo. Even the envelope had design on it.

On the first page, it was two cute drawing of a married couple with the name of my friend Wah Keong and his wife Suh Ching.

In the middle page, the layout is awesome. Very neat and nice.

At the last page, there is a map shown the route to the restaurant. This is totally great.

I'd shown the invitation card to my gf and she really likes the design. Well, I like it too. As I like simple and nice design rather than too fancy design. The shape of the card is not square but rectangle shape. Nowadays the LCD all in widescreen style which is nice, what else looks better than widescreen shape card.

I guess I have an idea on what to choose for my future wedding invitation card.


Unknown said…
This is so nice. I have also kept my friend’s wedding invites with me. I am going to show it to them after years. My wedding is also around the corner and I have picked up one of the finest Chicago wedding venues for the day. I am marrying my childhood best friend.

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