Handmade recycle lamp

Follow the concept of shoji lamp, I had made a lamp which is easy to be done and cheap. The material is only a wood I found somewhere in my house, bulb holder, plug, used cable, bamboo satay stick, bulb and two used spoiled CD.

I saw the wood into a smaller piece that only able to fit the bulb holder and sand it.

Then measure and fold an A4 paper so it fits the width and length of the wood.

Then I glue the stick accordingly and it will look like this.

I fold it letting the stick at outside then glue the join together.

Then I make a small hole letting the wire to go through. Then stick the CD to the wood and the wood to the bulb holder.

The box will go in exactly the wood and hold it. Then it is time to try out.


Tadaa!! It’s done and working. Pretty nice too as the design is simple.


lynx said…
wah... cun mar...
i want order 1 biji can??

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