Yatta!!! I win a Cathay Cineplex contest

Usually I will just empty my junk mail without take a glimpse look at it. However, today I feel kind of want to take a look. I open my junk mail, take a rough view. It was about 200 plus of junk mail. I didn’t open the mail but just take a glimpse look on the title and sender then delete it. Suddenly I saw an email send by Cathay Cineplex. I open the email and with surprise I realize I just win a contest. A contest from Cathay Cineplex which I participate couple of weeks ago.

Thinking it might be scam or something similar but look properly, it was for real.

So I decided to print this out and proceed to Cathay Cineplex. I pass my photocopy IC and this email print out to the ticket counter. The person face feel weird and proceed to the office. After a moment, an Indian guy ask me to sign a document and ask me to wait.

Then suddenly a pretty girl age around 22+ come to me and say congratulation and pass me an envelop. I look at her tag and notice she is a manager.

Then I open it up and found 1 complimentary pass for 2 admit and a coffin notebook.


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