Meeting Efficiency

This article explain why a presentation should not exceed 18 minutes total. For this, 15 minutes ideal meeting. 

Not every meeting may be able to be done in 15 minutes, but for the general day to day stuff there's no reason to be wasting away for hours while nothing is accomplished. If you need a little help, try setting a 15 minute timer and when it goes off, meeting is done.

If you guys heard of “meeting efficiency”, there are some company had begun practicing it. Why company practice meeting efficiency?
1. To improve productivity.  Employee able to attend several meetings/discussion in a day which also allow time for operation work related.
2. To avoid over shoot of meeting period due to limited meeting room available. This is to allow the room to free up on time for the next group that book the room.

Rules in meeting efficiency:
1. 30 minutes is the maximum of a meeting for a group of less than 5 people and 1 hour is the maximum of a meeting for a group of more than 5 people.
2. What we do is we pick certain amount of agenda for the week to share/present/discuss.
3. Allocate a specific time for each agenda and try to keep within the time.
4. Meeting should not include task follow up because it supposed to be done on separate offline session or 1-1 session. (task follow up is individual initiatives and goal unlike meeting for presentation/sharing/discussion)
5. Discussion take place only when there are ideas or feedback. If there are conflict, a separate session can be call up.
6. No laptop in the meeting, so the attendees will stay focus and not doing their work/personal stuff during meeting.
7. Punctuality in the meeting.
8. Encourage email communication for agenda that do not require presentation.


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