Wedding Bed Installation (壓床)

Things to Buy:

  • Small Double Xi Plate (you can get it at any wedding shop)
  • 2 Longans
  • 2 Red Dates
  • Dried Lotus Seeds
  • Bai He (dried magnolia petals)
  • 2 Red Packets (Any auspicious amount will do, eg. RM 8, 18, 28, 88)
  • 4 Yan Ji (to place each at 4 corners of bed under mattress)
  • 2 orange.
    * Take noted that all amount/figures need to be in even number. It means a pair / a couple.

Procedures to Follow:
1) If groom's parents install, then couple give ang pow to each of them.
2) If couple install, no need ang pow for anybody. Some old people advise that parents to install are better. If only single parent, any happy married couple can do so. Just need to give ang pow to each of them.
* A modern way of installation, the couple can get the bed ready probably left one corner bed sheet not tuck in or the pillow not place on top of the bed. Then when the old couple can just place the pillow and the rest of the stuff on the bed. It consider done by them too.
3) After an chuang, nobody supposed to enter the master bedroom from then onward, only couple allowed. But no sleeping on the bed.
4) Xi plate with longans, etc leave on bed for 12 days. (Modern way are just to leave it over a week until the wedding night).
5) Boil water with longans, etc and drink after 12 days. If fall short of 12 days, leave plate aside and boil with water once 12 days is up after customary.
6) 2 ang pows keep, don't use money inside. (Nowadays body care anymore, just spend that money)
7) Yan Ji don't throw, leave them there forever. (I leave it over a year and clean it on the next CNY house keeping)
8) After the couple / parents install the bed, the bride will proceed for the room settings. It based on the bride creativity and ideas.

Below is the picture of my room after installation.

This picture below is Shyi Wei's wedding room. He bought pre-pack stuff.


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