Motion detector (2006)

This was a video recorded about 2 years ago during our Uni life. We had a group project which required us to program a software that will need to works with the robot arm. So we figure out of using web cam as a motion detector. We were the only group that program motion detector.

The moment the web cam detected a changes of motion, it will signal the robot arm to move and pick up the tissue. The cardboard to hold the drop down of tissue was my idea. Yea, it look worst. ><. It was funny when the program didn't go through very well. In the video, the person who drop the tissue packet on the conveyor belt was me. The person who wear the dark blue watch was also me. There were various part where I keep picking up the tissue. Then the person who record this video and the voice that talk all the time was Teck Kheng. There ware couple of part where a hand try to cover the web cam so that the robot arm will response to it was Wah Keong. ><


Unknown said…
hey, I'm from lyn as well, accidentally bump into ur blog in kopitiam (though I seldom post there). Want to ask where u buy the robotic arm from? Cz my group project now also deal with robotic arm.

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