My best friend's wedding - part 1

Finally, I able to obtain some picture. There were still plenty of picture haven't send to me yet. I started my journey with my friend Tai Yaik from Penang around 11am. After around 4 hours of driving, finally we reach Anson town and check in to Hotel Anson. After that, we went for lunch somewhere in Anson. Then we back to hotel, sit in the room and wait for another friend Teck Kheng and his girl friend. While waiting, I perform some magic tricks to Tai Yaik. Then we watch some movie using my laptop.

At last Teck Kheng arrive with his girl friend and check in. We then get ready and went for to Wah Keong house. Chat, eat, drink and see some wedding picture!!

The next day, we wake up at 7am and get ready to Wah Keong house. We play, jokes and chat. From left Tai Yaik, Kee Han, Wah Keong & Suh Ching, Teck Kheng & Jocelyn, and the most right is me. ^^

Then we take our lunch at Wah Keong house. After that, we went back to hotel. This time Kee Han follow us. We went for shopping around Anson town and bought some biscuits. We went to Menara Condong aka Malaysia version Leaning Tower of Pisa. Seriously it was not straight and not because the way I hold my camera.

We are heading in to the tower.

A view from the 3rd floor of the tower.

Water tank in the tower at the highest floor. According to the theory, because of the soft ground the tower were build on, and also the weight of the water tank on top of the tower, it cause the tower to lean to aside. This tower also function as a clock tower where every half an hour, the bell will sound once.


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