Tai Yaik's Birthday

This is the 1st time we ever celebrate birthday with Tai Yaik or can be say we 1st time celebrate birthday among our self. Since we working, we seldom organize gathering. So this could be one of the opportunity to held a gathering. After a bunch of email communication, we decided to buy him a wallet and a cake. We also decide to held it at Greenlane McD which the location is at the middle among all of our houses.

As soon as I reach there, I order McD and had my dinner. Then we bring out the cake and start celebrating.

After singing birthday song and some wishes, we eat the cake. The cake is not bad but unfortunately I'm so full after take the fillet-o-fish set. So I ate only a small part. Funny thing is Tai Yaik birthday but the cake is words is facing me. Well, that makes me able to capture the words facing me.

Then we present the wallet to Tai Yaik. The wallet purchase from Queensbay HOL. What's next? Magic again. I perform couple of magic to them just for entertainment. Then most of them going back with unsatisfied mood as they were trying to figure out how my tricks work. ><


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