My magic performance at stage at Finance morale 2011

It is a pleasure to be invited to the Finance department morale. All because of my colleague who was invited but insist of me accompany him. Anyhow, I had a great time. Each team need to perform on stage, at least something beside plain singing. Majority in my team prefer to go for funny + magic stuff. I volunteer myself to perform some simple trick due to limited time we have. It is too short for a dance rehearsal.

The performance include a dance of “Dancing Good Good” and funny magic. Then follow with real magic performance. The flow will be a funny magician trying to challenge a real magician in a battle of the diamond club. 1st video as below is the 1st part of the performance.

1st performance

As soon the 1st performance is done, my turn for some trick. A very simple trick but I hope it will enough to cheer the environment.

Card trick 1

Card trick 2

Nothing great about my magic but at least my team get the best performance for the night. A memorable event.


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