You Are The Apple Of My Eye. 那些年, 我們一起追的女孩

still don’t understand why the English title and Chinese title such a huge different of meaning. Beginning of the story, a guy suit up for a wedding. Looking at the apple, thinking of the past. Those years which had become memories. During his life of school, he met a girl. The smartest girl in his class and he was one of the worst student in the class. This guy keep doing something purposely just to get the girl attention. Things happens, he was ordered to sit in front of the girl. One day, happen an incident, the guy protect the girl making the girl felt for him. By helping the guy to improve in his study, they both had feeling for each other. All about the pony tail. The feeling is there but too bad the guy just a coward in love. After chasing the girl for so many years, and one day, because of an incident.. a day went heavy rain… they both quarrel. The guy act tough and that’s the end of the destiny of the couple. After such many years, the guy eventually regret on what he had done. If he could wish, if parallel world exist. He could made a promise that if they meet again, he will never let go.

The movie base on true story of a writer whose the main actor name after. A story of 5 guys and 2 girls. Good acting from both of them. The main actor actually did win best new actor in Golden Horses Award.



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