Blackberry Bold 9000

Blackberry box, whole box black in color and no fancy drawing or logo.


As usual, inside contain manual, CD drivers and some stuff such as charger, USB cable and headset. The good thing is the charger comes with universal adapter which you can change the socket from the adapter to fit the country power socket.

DSC00214 DSC00215 DSC00217


It comes with a scroll ball in the middle. Very sensitive and smooth. Feel comfortable with it and not like my 1st expression on it that the scroll ball might be hard to get use.



It comes with a mini USB port for charging and for data transfer and normal audio port. Quite convenience as it use universal port where we can get the cable from shops.

DSC00223 DSC00224

The back really looks ugly. It comes with leather skin and looks very old fashion. The camera come with flash as well but of course not a xenon flash.


Blackberry is good enough for working environment. Not too fancy, comes with security features, and had ability to install applications such as Windows Live Messenger, Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger and etc. However, if ask me would I spend money on this? I will definitely say NO. Comparing to IPhone? Can’t compare, I will go for IPhone of course.



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