Spice Market Cafe Buffet Dinner

Spice Market Cafe located in Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Batu Ferringhi. The interior design are so nice and beautiful.

IMGP3715 IMGP3716

Inside the lobby while waiting for the cafe to open.


Upon entrance, both site had lots of spices display. It is also open for sale.

IMGP3731 IMGP3730

Indian and Malay corner. Have several type of curry, rice, lamb and chicken tandori, satay and etc.


Western style. Have pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, grill fish, beef and etc.


Chinese corner. Fried rice, prawn, vege, soup, noodles and etc. I guess Malaysian chinese don’t really prefer to eat these but foreigner do.


Cold charcoal, salad, bread and Japanese corner. Had sashimi such as salmon, tuna, white tuna, abalone, octopus, sushi and etc. Cold charcoal such as slipper lobster, prawn, yabbies, oyster, fruits but not really nice as the seafood too cold.


Dessert corner had lots and lots of cakes. Cheese cakes, tiramisu, and etc. We can eat from the cold storage till the jar. Also had ice kacang, fruits, and etc.

IMGP3726IMGP3725IMGP3723 IMGP3724         

1st round, Enoki soup. 2nd round, Indian cuisine.

IMGP3735 IMGP3736

3rd round, sashimi. 4th round, chinese meet western.

IMGP3737 IMGP3738

5th round, cold charcoal. 6th round, chinese herbal soup.

IMGP3745 IMGP3746

Then too busy eating for dessert. Forgot to take picture. Dessert I had taken 5 rounds and still unable to test every single one. Too much dessert. For cakes itself can make you full. That is impossible to try every single dessert unless we don’t try other food. Spice market buffet is worthy the price as we pay for buy 2 free 1 promotion. After divide, it cost around RM80 per person. Really nice buffet. I will be back next time.


Aspiring-Otaku said…
Those dishes look so good. Especially that prawn. Should have pocketed some of those desert for later. Was there a chocolate fountain at the desert area?
Aaron Foo said…
Yes, indeed very nice. There is a chocolate fountain there. But it is turn off. Dunno why. It is a good place to eat during buy 2 free 1.

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