Streamyx Wifi@Home

Does really Streamyx wireless modem good enough for normal home use? Let’s have a look into it.

Inside it contains manual, LAN cable, splitter, power adapter, modem, 2 phone cable, installation CD and a warranty card.





After plug in all the necessary cables into position, we will able to see the light on “Power” will on. The “WLAN” light showing the wireless is currently turn on. If we turn off the wireless in the modem settings, this light will went off. If the “DSL” light is on and stable, it shows that the phone line is ready to be configured for internet. “Internet” light means the connection to internet is establish. “Ethernet” light showing there is a LAN cable plug in to the modem to a PC, router, switch and etc.


If you had a wireless PC, you can connect to the modem by searching for the available wireless signal. The default SSID for this modem is “Streamyx Mobility” and there is no security encryption enabled. You can also use LAN cable to connect to the modem. Usually what I will do is to plug in everything, search for the wireless network on my PC, look for SSID “Streamyx Mobility” and connect to it. Once connection establish, go to browser, type in and enter.

On manual, it will show username: tmuser, password: tmuser. However, this account only had limited access. I always prefer to login with username": tmadmin, password: tmadmin.


Under the “Smart config”, we can directly key in the Streamyx ID and password. Hit on “Save/Reboot” and we are good to go to internet. Uncheck the “Enable Wireless” if you prefer to use its as a modem only. We always can change the SSID and set the network key.


This modem also allow us to change perform port forwarding. However, it is call as “Virtual Servers” under “Advanced Setup” > “NAT”.

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Some user may prefer to hide the SSID. The option is available under “Wireless” as well. This modem also allow user to have multiple SSID such as Guest which able to isolate the sharing local network. Usually this happens to be useful for small office or prefer to share wireless to others.

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If you feel that WEP security is not secure enough, there are others type of Network Authentication available under the “Security”. I always prefer to use WPA encryption.


We also can create MAC address filtering under “MAC Filter” to allow certain PC to have access to the internet and LAN if the MAC address is allowed. There are various function such as wireless bridge setup, change channel, speed, frequency of wireless and etc. User also can choose to filter IP address, block certain address and IP at certain time or certain IP and etc under “Advanced Setup”. I feel that this modem had most of the common features in others branded modem. If we are comparing on stability and performance of this modem, errrrr I wouldn’t say it is bad nor good. It is usable for normal home user.


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