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Went to Prangin Mall for shopping, saw broadband fair outside the mall. After some shopping, proceed to have a look on P1 Wimax booth. The salesman told me wimax is powerful, superfast, click on YouTube video, before it play already finish the loading. I told him I stay floor 18th and also located at the border of the wimax coverage. He told me no problem, floor 25th also can receive and stable. Ask me if have existing broadband line, subscribe potong package and will get 1 month cooling period and free 1 month. Means will get 2 months free before start paying. Only will need to pay RM100 now, collect modem now, and activate 3 hours later.


The LAN cable quite interesting and unique. A flat type rather than round type.


So simple, just plug and play. Plug in power cord, turn on the power and it will start connecting. Red light on top showing the signal is weak.


Try so hard to adjust here and adjust there, place as nearest to house window, and finally get orange light. Try so hard and still unable to get green light. Orange means average signal, and green means good. I guess there won’t be possible for green at floor 18th and at the border of coverage. The modem instead looks very nice.


Follow the instruction in the manual and login to the modem access. Check some configuration. Had almost all basic settings that available in wireless modem.



Tested the speed at speedtest.net, it goes up to 1.60Mbps. Not bad but the speed is random and unstable. It can goes from range 0.80Mbps – 1.6Mbps. Try to launch torrent, able to goes up to 147.6kB/s. This is consider great as no capping or etc from the P1.


On the 2nd day, it was still such awesome. At night it rain, I had to close my house window so that rain will splash into my living hall. What the!!, the light on the modem turn red. Check at my PC, no signal to internet. Open the window, tadda!! Signal is back. Close the window again, tadda!! Signal gone. Magic.. This show do not close your window when rain if you need to go internet.

On the 3rd day, check at my account status at P1 site, it show I had left 13GB usage available only before they cap my speed down to 60%. I had stop download after that.

On the 4th day, try to get online, line keep drop. Try to reboot the modem and adjust till I able to get orange light on the modem. Line still drop, live messenger dc, loading YouTube slow, VPN to office dropped, and page loading always stuck. Totally different from 1st and 2nd day.  Try to run a ping to couple of website include P1 site, all giving same results.


Try run test at speedtest.net and it showing upload test error. Try few times and still the same issue.


Finally able to get a result, showing 0.95Mb/s download and upload 0.06Mb/s. What the!! I off all application in my PC still having same issue.


Try using P1 speedometer, even worst. Stuck at uploading page. Try few times still the same. Is it wimax only good for download and not good for upload?


The next day, I bring the modem to the P1 office at Queensbay. The receptionist told me that they do not support high rise building. My house at the border of coverage and high rise building, that’s why signal is not strong. Then what to wait, ask for refund since still under cooling period. After return the modem, checking all in good condition, fill up some form. Then the receptionist told me the process will take 45 working days and they will send me a cheque of RM100. What the!!! 45 WORKING DAYS!!!


fyle said…
wah, P1 beh siu...

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