Sour Steamed Fish

I personally like steamed fish than fried fish. Basically fried fish is high cholesterol especially the deep fried one. It is also too heaty to our body. The thing I hate the most about fried fish is after frying the fish, it make my kitchen oily and smelly. That is why I prefer steam than fry.

Steam fish also will contained the nutrient within the fish and the gravy. The nutrient from the fish will flow to the gravy and together with all the ingredients, it taste great and nutritious.

- 1 piece of fish (any kind of prefer fish is fine)
- Slice onion
- Cut tomato
- Slice ginger
- Slice chinese mushroom
- 2 piece of asam java
- Slice red chilies
- Chopped garlic
- 1/4 teaspoon of salt

1. Clean the fish and place it on top of the plate. You may wash the fish with salt.
2. Soak the asam java with some water, garlic, ginger, onion and mushroom for 5 minutes.
3. Pour the asam java sauce together with the ingredient on top of the fish.
4. Place the tomato and chilies on top of the fish.
5. Place in the steamer and steam for 25 minutes.


Serving size = 1 person
Estimate time = 35 minutes
Food Health = 9/10
Difficulty = 5/10

If to reduce the steam time, you may cut the fish every few inches. Just grab the knife and cut the body of the fish every 1 inch. This is to make sure the heat could transfer into the inner part of the fish in shorter period. Fish is easier to cook and preferable well done except salmon. Due to the ingredient doesn’t have any MSG, I use to finish the gravy.


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