Simple Tartar Sauce

Since I’m not a pro cook, sometimes sauce play important part if the food doesn’t taste good. Malaysian like to eat with chili sauce or tomato ketchup. It just like a must sauce when eating western food. Of course we can see it at every local western food hawker stall. The waiter use to carry the chili sauce and tomato ketchup around. For me, I feel sometime it taste good with original taste. When making some food and if the taste isn’t enough, here my signature sauce; tartar sauce.
Ingredient:Mayonnaise. (preferable real mayonnaise, those with soya bean oil in the ingredient)
lemon juice (half a lemon)
1 piece of gherkins pickles (chopped)
1-2 onions (chopped)
Yellow mustard
White pepper
Dry Parsley

Preparation:1. Pour all the mayonnaise into a bowl. I get it into a plastic ware as I’m going to keep it.
2. Chopped some gherkins pickles and onion. If you an onion lover, the more the better. Same goes to pickles. In my case, 1 piece of pickle and 2 red onion is just nice. Mix the pickles well and then drop the chopped onion in. Mix it well.

3. Pour 2 teaspoon of the pickles water. Squeeze some yellow mustard. Approximately 1 teaspoon size.

4. Sprinkle some dry parsley. Actually the more parsley, it taste better. In my case, I put approximately 2 teaspoon of dry parsley.

5. Pour the lemon juice and little white pepper. If you don’t like sour, don’t drop too much of lemon juice. The pickles already sour enough. For the white pepper, a little means really little. Too much will cause the sauce taste only pepper.

6. Close it with a tight cover. That’s why preferable use plastic ware. Keep in the fridge and left it over night. Take it out and stir it again. Then store in the fridge again. This purpose to let the mayonnaise absorb the ingredients juice and taste.

7. Now it is ready to serve anytime. It can be a taste for fish and chips, salad, sausage buns, burger, and etc. Best use for fish type food or fry food.

Estimate time 15 minutes
Food Health = 6/10
Difficulty = 3/10


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