Mission Wrap

This is kind of western po piah style. Mission Wrap is a brand that can be found in Tesco. It is quite delicious with any kind of ingredient.

- 2 piece of Mission Wrap
- Salad vegetable
- Tartar sauce
- 2 Chicken Sausage
- 1 Carrot, chopped
- 1 Onion, chopped
- Yellow Mustard
- 1 boil egg
- slice pickles

1. Boil the sausage and egg. Heat the pan at medium temperature. Place the Mission Wrap on the pan and heat it for 1 minute per side. Place it on a plate.
2. Wipe some tartar sauce on the wrap.
3. Place some salad vegetable on the wrap.
4. Place the rest of the ingredient on the salad vegetable. May add additional sauce base on individual preference such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, olive oil, vinegar and etc. I add some dry parsley and white pepper for better tasting.
5. Roll and wrap it. Just the po piah way or Japanese hand roll style.
6. Serve with some vegetables as side dish.


Serving size = 2 person
Estimate time = 30 minutes
Food Health = 7/10
Difficulty = 4/10


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