IKEA opening in Penang Batu Kawan

It had been awhile since I last blog. It almost a year. Well kind of too busy with something else. Firstly I was busy for the preparation of my Korea trip back in May 2013. It was a nice trip and a lot of research had been done. It is worth spending the time since I'm going for a self tour with my wife. Then after the trip, I started to change job. A new career path and getting busier. Beside new job, I'm started to learn in stock exchange and started to invest. 2013 such a busy year. Nevertheless, Penang is also my hometown. This blog is almost dead for a year and I decided to start blogging about Penang again.

Last week, the news of IKEA to open an outlet in Penang had became a hot news in the Facebook. Some people are happy about it and some actually felt pretty sad. Some even comments why IKEA open an outlet in Penang and not other state. Why not Johor since it near to Singapore? Why not Melaka? Why not Puchong and why not here & there.

News of IKEA opening. http://news.abnxcess.com/2014/01/ikea-to-open-outlet-in-penang/

Each time I drive to KL, IKEA is a place I must visit. Aiming for the nice concept furniture and household products, never miss the curry puff. There are also this new product Salmon ball. Yum yum.

Penang has been the 2nd highest state with contribution of taxes in Malaysia. Of course KL is the most highest. This is because a lot of investor came to Penang. Here we have FIZ (Free Industrial Zone) where lots of multinational company open their factory here. Some factory here are their 2nd biggest HQ in the world and you can find most of them in Penang here. Besides FIZ, there are also Perai industrial area, AutoCity industrial area, Bukit Minyak and etc.

Properties in Penang are one of the most expensive properties you can find in Malaysia. Such expensive house can be find in KL area like Damansara which cost millions. In Penang, an average apartment of ~700sqft range from RM200k - RM400k. A larger condominium of ~1000sqft range from RM300k - RM1m. For landed properties, it easily cost RM500k - RM6m. Average house here are RM450-RM600 per sqft. For example, the famous SP Setia landed here are sold at RM1.2m - RM2m. Some single lot guarded landed sold at RM6m. Yes it is 6,000,000. You can see everywhere is developing new properties especially near the Bayan Lepas area. Popular developing area such as Sg. Ara, Relau, Jalan Tengah, Mayang Pasir, Batu Maung, along Jelutong highway. The mass development had started to move towards mainland couple years ago such location at Juru, Batu Kawan, Simpang Empat and Nibong Tebal.

Mercedes car, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and those RM200-300k car can be found everywhere in Penang. The quantity are a lot too. Ikano Pte Ltd and Aspen Vision Land Sdn Bhd join venture to develop IKEA in Batu Kawan along with residential and commercial units. It seems the developer are trying to transfer Batu Kawan to Damansara. With the new Penang Link 2, driving from Penang island to Batu Kawan will be so easy and fast. Penang had been doing very well lately since the new state goverment DAP take over. With lower corruption and higher efficiency, no doubt Penang is growing and transforming better. With more investor coming, the more opportunity available for the citizen. Imagine if the Malaysia goverment UBAH, how better can it be? 


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