My new gadget

I just bought a non-stick pan. Instead of my previous stainless steels pan, it sometimes need to take awhile to allow the pan to heat before it able to cook without sticking. More oil also needed for stainless steels pan. Therefore I decided to purchase a non-stick pan.

I went to Japanese Home shop and found there are some nice non-stick pan which cost around RM70. I also did some survey at AEON. Walking around and compare several famous brand. Finally I decided to go for Tefal non stick pan. Tefal pan have higher resistant from scratch (able to use metal for cooking), free leads, free cadmium, free PFOA. The best thing about Tefal pan that it has the termo-spot. A red color thingy in the middle of the pan where it will shows you when is the pan is hot enough for cooking. It cost me RM179. There are some model which is cheaper and cost around RM95. But because I'm using induction cooker, I need to buy the one that able to support induction cooker which more expensive than usual.

A proper induction pan is better than those pan that able to support gas and induction. One of the reason is that the bottom of the pan. For pure induction pan, the bottom contain full plate where induction and gas capable tends to have partial metal plate only. This will cause uneven heat on the pan surface and easily overcook. On the initial use, the sales lady teach that it need to be wash properly. Then boil some water for few minutes. Let the water cool down, and poor away the water. Wash again. Dry it and it is ready to cook for first time. While preheating the pan, observe the red spot and when the color turn evenly red, it is time to start cooking.


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