Day 1 (part 1) - Reach Ewha Woman's University

On the 1st day at Seoul, after we purchase our T-Money card and collect our mobile phone, we proceed to our guest house. We book Shinchon guesthouse. This guesthouse is value for money and the room size is big. The receptionist able to speak Chinese well. Upon reaching the subway at Line 2, Ehwa Woman Univ., exit 1. Coming out from the subway, walk straight and turn right on 1st small lane on the right. Walk straight and you will see “Yes APM mall” on your right. Exactly opposite the mall which is on your left, you will able to see Shinchon guesthouse.
Upon arriving, we put our luggage downstairs and proceed to upstairs to check-in. We arrive early which is around 11AM, so we are not allow to check-in. We drop our luggage here at the guesthouse and tour around Ehwa Woman University. This place is like heaven for female and male. There are lots of shops selling female stuff like skincare, cosmetic and cloths. You can find cloths at 5,000 – 10,000won. (RM15-30). It also heaven for male because there are lots of pretty Korean girls (University girls). There are pretty, fair skins and good proportion. :). Especially after classes, you can see bunch of pretty girls surround you.
We have our lunch before heading to Ehwa Woman University. At the same lane of the guesthouse, there are plenty of local restaurant. We went into a store operate by an ahjumma (middle age lady). She can’t speak English. I look at the picture outside the store, there are some Korea words. I’m able to read but don’t understand the meaning. So I write it in a piece of paper in case if she unable to understand my Korean pronunciation. I order tteokbokki and some dishes. The portion is big.
After finish eating, we proceed to the ahjumma and paid for the food. We have no problem understanding Korean numbers and simple Korean. Then we proceed to Ehwa Woman’s University. It is very beautiful, the scenery and the girls. I had most of the picture in the Panasonic Lumix LX3 camera but I lost it at Gimpo Airport when we heading to Jeju Island on 4th day. Luckily we have some pictures in the my wife hand phone.
Some singing performance by the boy group at the University.
After some tiring 2 hours walk, I sit down and enjoy the scenery.
We also tour around the Ehwa for some cloths and check-in at 2PM. Due to midnight flight, it is very tiring so we went to sleep for 1 and half hour to recover our self.
Next: Day 1 (part 2) - Tour at Hongdae FreeMarket and visit Trick Eye Museum


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