Day 6 (part 3) - Soesokkak Estuary and dinner at Dombedon

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After we finish visiting Cheonjiyeon Falls, day is turning dark. It was about near 6PM. We drive to Jeongbang falls and notice that it was closed... So we have no choice and move to next destination. We drove to Soesokkak Estuary. It was also closed.... Here we suppose to be able to had kayaking around the area. 

Since we arrive it was pretty late, so we only able to capture photos. We tour around this area and the day is getting darker. It was raining too and when we look around, there was no shop opened. We then back to our car and proceed to dinner at Dombedon. We are at Seogwipo-si, which is the other side of Jeju. Very not happening as all the shops close at 6PM as if zombie is coming out after 7PM. We turn on our navigator to lead us to Dombedon which located at Jeju-si. It took about 1.5 hours to reach there. The navigator guide us using the mountain road which suppose to be faster but due to the day is turning dark, and the mountain road do not have road lamp, it is very dangerous and difficult for me to drive. Still we have to drive slowly crossing the mountain. There was no car around here until after 30 minutes driving, we reach a junction. Then from here we started to see cars.

Finally we reach Dombedon. Here it serve the world best black pork. Yes black pork, black color pork. The pork eventually have black hair. When we arrive here, it was around 9PM. We spend almost 2 hours on the road due to difficulty of driving. This shop opens until 2AM, so we do not feel any hurried at all.

We ordered black pork set for 2 person. It cost about 40,000won (RM120). The portion is so huge just for 2 person. The smell is so nice.

While waiting for the pork to cook, they do serve side dishes and several cuts of cooked pork. We ate this pork first. I couldn't explain the taste but it was so so delicious. It is so juicy and you can taste the pork are very fresh in the mouth.

We ordered Soju to drink together with the pork. It just match perfect. Each time I finish the bite of the pork, with 1 sip of Soju will clean the mouth for the next bite. We are very full and proceed to drive back to the hotel.

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