Day 6 (part 1) - Sanbanggulsa Grotto and Dragon Head Coast

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We wake up with whole body pain especially on the leg. It was a horrible hiking experience. Still journey continue. So we proceed to next destination which is Sanbanggulsa Grotto. It took about 1.5 hour of driving from the hotel. We reach and park our car, then we proceed to purchase the admission ticket. The weather is so fresh and cold. 

From the top of the location, we can see the Dragon Head Coast which we will be heading there later. We climb up the stair case and we reach the temple. It is a very unique temple. We walk around and also praying around here.

There are bunch of myth story here, so we walk around to read them and take couple of photos. We also drank the water drop from the cave. It believe that the water drop are the tears of the mountain goddess which will helps to give blessing to our health.

After climbing up and down, we walk towards the Dragon Head Coast. At there, we ate some street foods as our breakfast. We also tried the Hallasan orange juice. Then we walk down the cliff towards the coast.

We see bunch of sea cockroaches running around the stone here. If we are not careful, we could easily step on it. The most of the corner, we can see the ahjumma selling something. We walk over and saw there are some people sitting on the small bench and eat the raw seafood. There are octopus, clam, abalone and few more hardshell seafood eaten raw here. Ok, we skip that.

We keep walking and walking around the coast and finally get up on the other end. We spend about 2 hours at Sanbanggulsa Grotto and Dragon Head Coast. Now it is time to move to our next destination.

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