Day 10 (part 2) - Namsangol Folk Village, Time Capsule and Jajjangmyeon for dinner

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After we come down from the N Seoul Tower, we proceed to Namsangol Folk Village. We actually walk from the Namsan park to here which quite regret. We can actually walk to Namdaemun Market, eat something and take subway to here. About 2 station stop. The reason why we walk as we are at quite near to Myeongdong station. Myeongdong just located opposite the Namsan Park. From Myeongdong, it just about 1 station stop. Of course I have no problem walking there but my wife scream too tired walking all the way to Namsangol. However, we still end up there too.


Here we can see lots of cultural and Joseon folk village.





After taking some photos here, we walk to time capsule which located at the back of the folk village. In the time capsule, the Seoul citizen place their items at that moment (1994) to a capsule. Items like walkman, underwear, cloth, foods and lots of stuff from the year 1994 into the capsule. The capsule will then buried into here until 400 years later, they will retrieve it so that the future people will able to see the items people have in 90’s. It is to celebrate the Joseon and Korea 1000 years of history.



After a tiring walk, we head back to our guesthouse. We took a subway back to Euljiro (3)sam-ga station and exit to our guesthouse. We take a rest there. It was around 6PM and my wife take a nap. I took a bath and proceed to the guesthouse counter to ask where I can eat Jajjangmyeon. We see Running Man eating this during their game. My hair stylish from Korea also mention this food is very nice. We have look around but unable to find it. Our guesthouse host told me that it just located few shops away from the guesthouse. Heading down to the exit, turn left and walk straight. Before heading the traffic light junction, there is a shop build with red stone. At the window of the restaurant, there are lots of Chinese wine bottle and there is this old man sitting at the counter.

I wake my wife and bring her to eat this. Her mood get better after eating this. This noodle is very delicious. After we finish the noodle, we are back with energy. So we proceed to Dongdaemun again.


Yesterday we unable to finish walk the Dongdaemun. There are two area (Retails and Wholesale). Yesterday we went to Retails so today we are heading for Wholesale. We tour around Dongdaemun and spend about 4 hours there walking around the Wholesale shop. We are super tired and it is quite late. We head back to guesthouse from the Dongdaemun station.

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