Day 4 (part 2) - Yongduam Rock and Yongyeon Pond

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We drive to Yongduam Rock because it is near to our hotel location. We book Nulsong Parktel hotel. It is a very nice hotel and great facilities. The price is fair and reasonable. We rented a KIA compact car, KIA Morning. Small size like VIVA but way better than VIVA. It is solid and good quality. I love this car. If they bring this car to Malaysia and sell at the normal price, sure no one will buy VIVA.


At here, we started want to take photo and this is the time we just realize our camera lost. The rock at this place resemble the looks of a dragon head.



People believe that if we make wishes in front of the dragon head rock, the wish will come true. So I make a wish that our camera will be return to us. The wish didn’t come true. So it just hoax.


Just exactly next to the Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock), there is the Yongyeon Pond. During the Joseon dynasty, the government servant and the scholar came here to make poem or discussion. The environment looks beautiful.


After we spend about an hour here, we proceed to head to the hotel. After check in to the hotel, we walk around to look for food. We walk around the area of hotel and found a restaurant selling the seafood stew. We order this food and it cost us about 44,000won (RM130) per pot. It is very big pot that both of us unable to finish it. The Jeju abalone and octopus is still alive. They throw them into the hotpot and boiled until they are dead. This is how Korea like fresh seafood.



It taste great but the more you eat, it taste bad. Maybe because of the seafood smell but it worth trying. After that, we went to 7-eleven to buy Jeju makgeolli, a pink color bottle and only available in Jeju. We bring that back to hotel and drink. We prepare to sleep early for tomorrow hiking at Hallasan.

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