Day 6 (part 2) - Cheonjeyeon Falls, Jusangjeolli Cliff, Oedolgae Rock and Cheonjiyeon Falls

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Since we wake up quite late today and spend most of the time before noon at the previous location, we are actually running out of time. We have to skip several location too. There are two waterfalls here that we are visiting today whih is Cheonjeyeon falls and Cheonjiyeon falls. It sounds alike but actually both are different location. We first arrive at Cheonjeyeon falls. It is such a beautiful scenery. There are 3 level of falls here. We go to the 1st falls which is a pond. 

People say if the water color is blue, which mean it is super damn deep. If accidentally fall into it, then it is a bye bye case.

After taking some photos here, we walk up to the 2nd fall. Another climbing required. There are this few foreigners keep standing in front of the falls. We waited for 10 minutes and they still stand there. Really not considerate at all. This is public place, at least should let other people take some photos. Since they keep standing there, we have no choice just to take the picture using some angle to block them. Suddenly there are bunch of Korean students came here. Then these foreigners say "Stupid students, when are they going to leave? 5 minute? 10 minutes?". I was thinking you guys come here for so long and not move a single spot, now just a group of students came, then you foreigners thinking this is your grandfather place?

We then climb up to the 3rd falls. This falls is so high. We took few pictures from the view area.

We then walk back to the Dragon bridge that we pass by just now when heading to the 3rd falls.

After some photos, we head to the next destination. The Jungmun Daepo Coast Jusangjeolli Cliff. Just less than 30 minutes drive, we reach this place. A special about this place is the rocks which shape hexagon. This rocks forms when the lava underground were force up through the earth and goes through instant cooling which forms the shape of hexagon.

We spend about 30 minutes here and proceed to next location which is Oedolgae Rock. The famous drama series "Daejanggeum" took one of the scene here. I took a picture at the poster.

The rock does looks like *ahem*.

We are getting hungry so we stop at the street food stall here and bought some fish shape fried cake. It was raining outside so we bought and ate in the car. Inside the fried cake, it contains red bean paste. It is very delicious and only cost 1,000won (RM3) for 3 pieces. We should bought more...

After filling our stomach with the food, we drive to next destination Cheonjiyeon Falls. We make a wrong choice to come to here first. We should head to Jeongbang Falls first because Cheonjiyeon falls close late and Jeongbang falls close earlier. That is when we head to Jeongbang falls, we notice it was closed.

We like the way we tour around at Jeju which we do not take any proper lunch but try some street foods. At most of the attraction areas, there are stalls where you can get nice street foods that probably you can find it in Seoul. After visiting all the falls, we proceed to last destination before heading to dinner.

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