Day 12 – Bukchon Hanok Village, Noryangjin Fish Market and Yeuido tour

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Waking up today realize that we left 2 more days in Korea. We have mix feeling of sad and happy. Sad as the enjoy life is about to end and happy as we will be able stop spending like a boss. If this continue we will be broke. Yesterday our friend told us we should come to Bukchon Hanok Village. It was in my plan but I decided to cancel the trip. I want to spend a more relaxing time in Seoul than having rushing too many places. Maybe spend some nice time walking around Seoul and try more local foods. Since it is recommended, we came here. Coming here is just the same as coming to Insadong. We take Line 3 and stop at Anguk station, then exit 2. If we exit 6, we will be at Insadong. We walk around Bukchon. What special here is that the village is fusion with new technology. Along the village, we can see hanok building fuse with glass windows, automatic passcode door, cctv and etc. Some modern building are build side by side with the traditional building. Here we can find the village stay too but it was not cheap.


After we spend about 1.5 hours here, we head to Noryangjin Fish Market for lunch. We take the subway at Anguk station, transfer to Line 1, stop at Noryangjin station and exit 1. Upon exiting the train, we walk over the bridge to the market. A journey to here took about 40 minutes which is quite long. Here are slightly down town. Walking close to fish market, we could smell seafood. When we arrive, we took a picture of the whole Noryangjin fish market. It is so huge and lots of seafood stall.


We spend almost 30 minutes touring around the fish market to hunt for food. Here popular of Hoe (sashimi). Here they eat almost anything raw. You can see people pick the fish which still alive swimming in the aquarium. After making the payment, the staff will take the fish and slice it immediately for tasting. Some slice it and pack immediately to proceed to the restaurant behind for eating. There are also popular of raw eating octopus. They catch the octopus, let it roll on the chopstick and eat it while alive. Recommend way of eating is to buy the live fish, ask them make into sashimi, then buy live octopus, live abalone, live scallop, live prawn, long leg crab and any seafodd you like. Then they will bring you to the restaurant nearby and they will cook for you. Usually the sashimi will eat 1st, then the octopus will either eat whole or chop to small pieces and eat while still moving. They will use the leftover of fish that make sashimi to cook the hotpot seafood stew. They will dump those seafoods which still alive into the pot and let it boil to dead.

We unable to eat things alive so we just bought some sashimi, prawns and shells seafood. Because it is so fresh, the prawns and shells seafood just steamed and eat. It cost us 10,000won (RM30) for the sashimi and 14,000won (RM42) for the prawn and shells seafood. It is so cheap. We went to the restaurant they brought us to and eat those seafood. We have to pay around 16,000won (RM48) for two person. We ordered soju and the whole meal cost us about RM120.

Noryangjin with Haechi 


The sashimi is cheap. The prawn size about a length of a palm. So big.


After eat and drink, we are a bit drunk. We exit from Noryangjin Market around 2:30PM. We enter the underground terminal at Noryangjin-ro and walk to the subway station at Saetgang. We took the subway and exit at only 1 station stop at Yeuido station. We are little drunk and have no idea where to go so we just walk. We walk according to the GPS google map and eventually it somehow lead us to Yeuido Park.


We tour around the park and because we are quite drunk, we take a nap at the park here. He both sit and lay our head on the table to sleep awhile. After we rest about 1 hour here, we slowly regain our conscious and continue our tour at the park here. Still a little drunk but we manage to walk around. We spend about 2.5 hours at the park here walking around.



Then we head to Yeuido Hangang park. There are a lot of beautiful sceneries here. We can see fountains and beautiful park. There are a lots of people cycling around at Yeuido Park and Yeuido Hangang park. I really want to cycle around here but my wife do not want to.





We are hungry so we buy some food and ice-cream to eat here. The weather is not very cold as it close to summer. The temperature around 26 degree. My wife want to stay longer to view the night view and the water shows at the bridge. I have no idea what is it but finally I manage to find out that it was not here. The water bridge shows was near at Gangnam area. We spend about 2.5 hours here too. On the way heading to the subway station, we pass by the Yeuido park again and we saw people filming in the park.


It was around 8:30PM and walk to Yeouinaru station. We transfer at Chungjeongno station and arrive at Euljiro 3(sam)-ga. We walk to Gwangjang Market to eat Pajeon and several others type of pancake. Then we walk back to guesthouse using the road along the Cheonggye stream. When we reach the guesthouse, I went to GS25 to buy some drinks. On the way to the GS25, I saw a lot of people sleep in the subway. It was around 11PM. Some may looks like beggar and some are not. Probably some drunk guy or homeless guy. It is very surprise me that such an advance city do have a lots of homeless folks sleeping in the subway.

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