Day 1 (part 2) – Tour at Hongdae FreeMarket and visit Trick Eye Museum

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We wake up at 3:30PM and proceed to Hongdae free market by subway. We don’t have picture of here in hand phone and all in camera that we lost, so I grab some pictures over the internet for this. Here you can find self design art items or handy craft items. We also took some street foods here too.


Get to subway Line 2, exit at Hongik Univ. Exit 9. Go 150m straight, and cross the street. Turn left, and go 500m straight towards the Hongik University entrance. Turn right to arrive at Hongik Children's Park.


After half an hour tour here, we proceed to Trick Eye Museum. Getting there is just couple of minutes walk. Get your rented phone, open up Google map, then follow the navigation. The Trick Eye Museum located along the shop lot. It located at the basement of one of the building. It cost about 10,000won (RM30) per entrance. It is expensive but worth it. I printer this voucher to get discount from 13,000won to 10,000 won. Here you can unleashed your creativity. I have lots of pictures but sadly it all gone…..


After 2 hours in the museum, it is time for some dinner. We walk around Hongdae and tried Cup Chicken. We ate several street foods and ice cream at the cold weather here. The temperature is around 8 degree Celsius. After few street foods, we went back to guesthouse by subway. We went back early tonight because of feeling sleepy. When the time we are heading back to guesthouse, the night just started. People getting crowded here.

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