Day 8 (part 1) - Mysterious Road (Dokkaebi Road), e-mart and back to Seoul for Gangnam Underground Shopping

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After a night horror experience of police road block, it is time to back to Seoul. We sleep quite late today as we are very tired yesterday. We wake up around 8AM and preparing to pack our stuff. We will need to return the car at 12PM and heading to our flight at 1PM. So it is quite rush.

We check out at 9:30AM and drive to Mysterious Road (Dokkaebi Road).

So what so special about this road? This place actually quite near to our hotel, which it took about 10 minutes drive only. If you look at the picture below, it looks like going downhill from our end to the white color car there. In fact, it is up hill. Many people around here try to figure out the illusion of this road but hardly able to solve anything. We drove our car to the start point and switch to neutral gear. Then when we release the brake, it move forward very slow. It will get faster and faster downhill. 

All this actually just illusion made from the way the tree growth. If you look properly at the tree along the road, it was actually growth slighly slanted and because all the tree grow the same slanted direction, it create an illusion that the road actually moving uphill. The most unexplainable is that how possible the tree can all grow like this?

After we try our car on this road, we proceed to e-mart which is just about 10 minutes away. We reach e-mart around 11AM and at very rush speed, we rush to the departmental area to buy some Jeju sourvenir and few packet of buns. We then drive to fill in the gasoline in the car before return to the car rental center. The rules of car rental is receive full, return full. 

As usual, after reaching the airport, we proceed to check in. After reach Gimpo airport in Seoul, we took the AREX train to Hongik Univ, then transfer to Euljiro (3)sam-ga. Then walk back to the Kimchee Myeongdong guesthouse for check in. After check in at the hotel, we took a rest and then proceed to Gangnam Underground shopping center. We took subway from Euljiro (3)sam-ga and exit at Express Bus Terminal station. After exit the station, people already start selling stuff in the underground. We begin to walk until we reach the undergroud valley of ladies heaven. 

Here ladies can find lots of clothes from range 5,000won - 10,000won (RM15-RM30). The ladies here are scary. They just see, rush and buy as if it is free but really here you can find the most cheapest cloth. It is a better shopping place compare to Dongdaemun. Highly recommend for ladies and if you see the cloth you like, just buy it. Don't hesitate or think twice because you can't find it as cheap as here compare to other place. Anything with 5,000-10,000won are at the lowest price especially 5,000won. The cheapest you can find is 4,900won.

We spend about 2 hours here. Guys won't able to find any stall selling nice clothes for male. Here is female heaven not male. We both buy a new bag for each of us at 10,000won (RM30). After my wife buy lots of cloth here, we both head towards the ground floor. There is this mall name Shinsagae. We just went in for like 10 minutes and we come out. The reason is the mall too high class. All selling branded stuff like LV, Prada and etc. Everyone dress so expensive and formal. Since we just look ordinary, we actually felt the pressure of rich people place. The sales girl and sales men in the mall face also one kind which they look down at people that doesn't wear branded. Just up there and underground makes so huge different.

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