Day 7 (part 2) - Sangumburi Crater, Manjanggul Cave and Gimnyeong Maze Park

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We had spend almost half day just for the two location. It is noon now and we heading to Sangumburi Crater. This place is a must go place as the view is so nice. Somehow this place also do not have many people come because it is too far. It took us one hour to reach here. We actually driving uphil too.

It is so cold up there as the wind keep blowing.

The area are so big. We can see the craters and it is fully reserve. This crater were live with deers but we didn't able to see any of them as we are not allow to go down to the crater.

We play some "kage bunshin" shot.

After that we proceed to go next destination. On the way down, we saw the puzzle board so we decided to play. We took about 10 minutes to solve it.

Takda!! Done.

We are quite hungry as usually we don't take lunch here. The reason as we need to rush to more location. So we usually buy some street foods and eat along the way. This time we saw some nice food called "Barley Buns". It is made of barley and inside it is red bean paste. It cost 500won per piece. We bought several of them and eat along in the car. It is very delicious.

Then we proceed to next destination, Manjanggul Cave. This cave is very special than others cave as this is the lava cave. This lava tunnel only 1km of the 13,422m Manjanggul Cave is open to the tourists but it is enough to stun us. It is very cold here but in the tunnel, it is even colder which about 11 degree Celcius.

A view from the ground before heading into the tunnel.

An UFO shape lava that form during the lava flow through the tunnel.

After nearly 1 hour of trip, we proceed to next destination, Gimnyeong Maze Park. This maze park located very near to Manjanggul cave, around 5 minutes drive only.

Before entering the maze, the counter will give us a map to solve. It is best if we can solve the map before going in but mostly just walk in without solving the map. If solve the map before go in, probably will reach the center in 5 minutes. If just walk in, maybe an hour? Anyway, we did go to the center in about 15 minutes. According to the information brochure, there are people stuck there for an hour and finally call for help. Also there are about 60% of people fail to reach and call for help. There is one guy on duty standing on top at the center to provide help.

After we finish the maze, we went for dinner. We think of going back to the Dombedon black pork again as it is very delicious. So we decide to go back again and order the same set. This time we order makgeolli instead of soju.

On the way back after the dinner, we were encountered a police road block. Suddenly the police stop me and ask me to open the windows. Then ask me to blow the alcohol test. I was busted. The police ask me to step out from the car and escort me to the side. Another police drove the car to the side where my wife was in the car. Both of us actually drank only 1 bottle of makgeolli (6% alcohol). Both of our face usually turn red after 1 bottle of beer, so it is easier to get caught. The police didn't know that my wife drink too, only expect me drink and drunk. 

They ask me to gargle with plain water and talk to me with lots of Korean words. I show them international license and they ask me if I have 2 million won (RM6,000). I was like what!! I told them I got few hundred thousand won but 2 million won is too much for me. They ask me how much I drink, I just told them I share with my wife 1 bottle of makgeolli. They were discussing if they should give me summon. I told them I really don't know about the law and thinking half bottle makgeolli which is 6% should be fine. They do ask me where do I stay. Telling them Nulsong Parktel but they do not know. Then I told them I stay at Nohyung-dong where the hotel located. In fact we already in Nohyung-dong, so I told them it just only 5 minutes drive away. I also told them I'm going to fly back to Seoul tomorrow and this is last night in Jeju driving here.

After discussing, they finally let me through. The police told me that even a single sip of Soju, Makgeolli or Mekju (beer) are not allow to drive. I was scared like hell and this is the first time I encounter in this kind of situation. Furthermore, it is foreign country. After I back to Seoul, I told my Korean friend about this. He told me I was so damn lucky. In Korea, a single sip of alcohol regardless the percentage, are not allow to drive. If get caught, no discussion allow and summon of minimun 2 million won applied (RM6,000). He once encounter about 10 years ago where his driving license get hold for a year too. Also they advise never ever thought of giving "duit kopi" or corruption because it will cause me enter jail for sure. They took law seriously. Fair and no corruption allowed at all.

Luckily I was a foreigner which I do not know the law. Also that doesn't mean it will not happen again. Strictly this is a good lesson. I was really really luckly. RM6,000 enough for me to go another trip to Korea.

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