Day 2 (part 3) - Tour at Gwanghwamun Square and Dinner at Shinchon

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Before I continue, there are something I really feel weird about some Korean guys. When every time I went to the toilet, most of the guys don’t wash their hand after finishing pee. They will just zip and walk out from the toilet. Some touching their hair before walking out. I do agree the water is cold but not washing the hand? It hardly to see guys washing their hand, maybe 20-30% do so? After toilet, they come out and touching their girl friends face and holding their hands. OMG!!

Also they seldom have hand soap (gel type) in the toilet. They use the hard soap type. I manage to grab a picture online. This is how it looks like. After finish the business, the will touch the blue soap for washing. In some subway or mall toilet, you may see the soap actually covered in black/yellowish strips. I believe that is shit/pee? In fact they do use it after shit and need soap to wash their hand. Although it may be weird in Malaysia but I guess this is normal in Korea.
We walk towards the King Sejong statue. We notice there is an entrance from the back of the King Sejong statue. the entrance lead us to underground. Lots of people is heading to it so we followed. Down to the underground, it was an exhibition hall for free. “The Story of King Sejong” exhibition hall located underground the Gwanghwamun Square. See for the nice view yourself here.
One of the greatest invention during the King Sejong era. The multiple arrow rocket launcher.
On the same underground, on the other side of it, you will able to see Admiral Yi Sun-sin exhibition hall. Also free. So after we exit from the King Sejong hall, we walk towards Admiral Yi Sun-sin. The turtle ship below.
There are free games to played. Boat rowing and shooting game for free.

We walk from the Gwanghwamun Square and proceed to walk Cheonggyecheon stream. It is a very beautiful stream and a must go place. It already 7:00PM but the day still bright. We walk along the stream and saw lots of couples. Here is just like love city. Each couples hugging so tightly and dating at this stream. They sitting down at the stream, hugging, and kissing. We wait for the night which is 8PM so we can see the laser lightning show with music. It last only 10 minutes but worth it.

After a tired tour today, we proceed to Shinchon for bulgogi. We took a subway from Line 3 at Gwanghwamun station and transfer at Chungmuro to Line 2. Then we exit at Shinchon station. We just walk up from the subway, and tour around Shinchon. There are plenty of restaurant there. Mostly famous bulgogi and ddakgalbi. Means mostly BBQ and fried stuff. After walk around for 30 minutes, we went into one of the bulgogi restaurant randomly and order a set meal. We also order Soju (rice wine). After eating and drinking, we are pretty drunk and sleepy. We didn’t walk to subway as we smell alcohol so we walk from Shinchon to Ehwa. It about 1 station distance which is only 10 minutes walk. After head to our guesthouse, we sleep like a boss.

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Anonymous said…
a very recommended tour, an exciting holiday waow makes you feel at home

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