Day 10 (part 1) - Namdaemun Market, N Seoul Tower and Teddy Bear Museum

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Today we head to Namdaemun Market. This market is a must visit place if looking for sourvenir. We took Line 3 from Euljiro (3)sam-ga and transfer at Chungmuro. Then we take Line 4 Hoehyeon station and exit 5. In fact we can also walk to Namdaemun Market from the guesthouse but we want to preserve our leg energy after a horrible whole day walk yesterday.

At Namdaemun, we can find lots of food alley where we can find lots of food here like bibimbap, hotpot and etc. There are also lots of stuff sells here. It more like Petaling Street at KL. We walk up to a building. Inside the building we tour floor by floor where we can find lots of household items, dried food, cloths, and sourvenir. We stop by the sourvenir floor and shop for lots of sourvenir. Actually we also can get sourvenir from Insadong but here is cheaper. After we bought lots of stuff here, we dump all into our bag and walk to Namsam Park.


Original plan was to walk around Namsam Park but as we carry lots of sourvenir in our bag, it is quite tough for us to walk. Also we have tour around so many garden and park at Huwon, Cheongyeonggung and Jeju Island so we skip this. We walk to the N Seoul Tower cable car station. It cost about 8,000won for the roundtrip per person. We wait for the cable car to take us to the top of the mountain.


At the top, it is just a love mountain. A lot of couples came here for dating. They brought lock and wrote their name then lock here. There are also lock sold here. We should bought some locks from the Namdaemun Market before came here. The food here are super expensive. Mostly fine dining for couple at the top of N Seoul Tower. We didn't eat here as we bought some kimbap to eat at the garden. We proceed to buy the observatory and teddy bear museum ticket.



We enter the teddy bear museum here. The teddy bears were so cute. They create the history of the Joseon and Korea using the teddy bear.




Mother Father Gentlemen.




Oop, oop, oppa Gangnam Style.


After the teddy museum tour, we proceed to the observatory deck. From here, we can see the entire Seoul from the top of the mountain. We are so hungry now and it actually turning quite late. We spend about 2 hours at Namdaemun Market and 3 hours here. N Seoul Tower is also a beautiful place to visit at night. So it is also recommend to place this location at night too.


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