Day 14 – Claim tax refund at Incheon and back to Penang

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We wake up quite late today and a bit rush. So yesterday we bought the Shin Ramen for breakfast.


After finish our breakfast, we proceed to check out and head to Incheon airport. We take Line 2 and transfer at Hongik Univ station to AREX Line.


When we reach airport, we notice there are no Air Asia counter, which means we unable to purchase for luggage upgrade. We bought only 30kg for 2 person. We called our Korean friend that we are heading back to Penang as we will be returning the mobile phone. After we return the phone, we try to find for weighing machine. At there we trying to adjust our luggage which is at that moment 38kg. We distribute the 8kg of extra weight to our hand carry backpack. It was tough and we spend about 1 hour try to arrange that. Then we bought some light snack at GS25 for lunch at the airport. After we finish our lunch, we wait until 3PM before we can check in.

Once we able to check in, we proceed to the tax refund counter inside the airport after the immigration counter. It took a lot of time queue up so we are quite in rush at that moment. We only have less than an hour to finish the tax refund and boarding. In the middle of rushing to the terminal, we saw in the airport there are parade of the Joseon King in custome. I took a picture and quickly rush to the boarding terminal.


Bye bye Seoul, bye bye Korea, bye bye Incheon…. I have this mix feeling but mostly is sad. I feel do not want to leave Korea. It is a nice country, nice weather, lots of pretty girls and nice foods.


We bought the air meal. We are hoping they gave the same food as the one we ate when we flight to Seoul. Yes, it is the same. The Kimchi Chicken Duruchigi Rice is very delicious. The kimchi is not very sour and not very spicy. It just nice for our taste. We didn’t regret purchased the air meal. In fact we should because the flight is about 7 hours. In 7 hours, we really need to eat something especially when the Air Asia start selling foods. We see people start buying foods in the plane because when some people start eating, it will cause us feel want to eat too. Of course the air meal is not cheap. It cost RM25 for a rice and a small bottle of mineral water.


Yum yum!!! Miss this food.


We really bought a lot of stuff in Korea. We spend around RM2,000 for skincare and RM500 for souvenir.



Overall we spend more than RM6,000 per person include flight, stay, shopping, food, transport, entrance fees and miscellaneous. As I cover the food expenses for my wife and she also spend for her shopping, both of us spend about the same amount. It is an expensive trip but that is how our honeymoon goes. During the trip, there are laughter, quarrel, happy, sad and lots more experience. 14 days in foreign country is not easy. I’m glad we came back in whole as there are no war happens during our stay. We come back safe and that’s all matter. I will definitely go back to Korea again but maybe in another several years later. I will either choose autumn or winter.


justin albert said…
Thanks for your great post.I like this very much, please write more about these,wait for your update

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Aaron Foo said…
Thanks. You can inquire me if you need extra information about Korea. :) If I can answer here or I will publish new post.

You also can look at my other blog about Penang,
Aaron Foo said…
Hope you also like the itinerary posted.

I had friends refer to this as their guide for their trip to Korea. Some even follow exactly or at least 90%.

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