Day 7 (part 1) - Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak and Seopjikoji

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This is a must visit place because mostly when people introduce Jeju scenery, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak often shown in the picture. This unique volcano mountain doesn't explode but still form the shape of explosion volcano. It is 180 meters height. One can spend at least an hour here if hike up to the summit.

It is recommended to come in the morning so that we are able to view the entire scenery. It tooks about 1.5 hours of drive. As our car are running out of petrol, we stop by for refill. The petrol here are so expensive. It was 2,000won (RM6) per liter. When we arrive, it was so cold. We took some breakfast from the street foods stall here.

There are also lots of tourist from China hanging around here. The weather is just fine but the wind is so cold.

We climb about 25 minutes to the summit and this is the view of the Ilchulbong Peak.

On the other side, it is the view from the top of summit to the Seogwipo-si.

We hike down to the bottom and tour around the area. We also took some pictures and have another round of breakfast at 7-eleven. We then drive to the next destination. On the way back, we saw a lot of beautiful flowers. My wife ask for a stop here and we tooks lots of pictures. See, she so excited when comes to flowers.

The lady who help us to take picture are so unprofessional. See the finger is blocking the view. ><". But better than no one help us.

The weather is getting hotter. It rise until about 22 degree Celcius. Unlike when we first arrive Seoul, it was only 13 degree Celcius.

After we took some pictures, we proceed to Seopjikoji. Here is a beautiful coast. The water is blue and wave is big too. When we reach, the tide is still low, so we walk down to take some picture.

An overall view from the top where we climb up. At the top, there is a place where lots of K-Drama filming take place. We didn't go in as it quite costly. Also you can try horse riding too. My wife do not want so we have to skip that.

We spend about 1.5 hour here. Then we proceed to next location.

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